Sometimes I feel sorry for cheering people up!It’s as if they really need cheering up. For saying they should look on the brighter side of everything. That they should always look on the positive side of everything. To always look on the good and silver linings. That it will all be ok someday. While actually most of this people just need someone to forget everything behind. In this area of life, I feel less worthy enough.

How I wish I choose not to lift them up instead just let myself always available when they need some company. I wish I should have just shut up coz it might somehow lighten up the situation instead of splashing little water to somehow lessen the fame that keeps burning. Making the situation worst than it was before I even dare speak out. 

No I really never help anyone. Never encourage anyone. Nope!Never! It is just my way of putting things in a different perspective and it is not always helpful. Somehow, a self satisfying fulfillment that is truly self serving in its nature. Who knows, maybe my brightest thoughts dims the light of other people’s lives. Make them feel more worst than ever. And in that note, I wish I should have said sorry. I am in no good either to say something better. We came in the same specie where everything is new in everything step of the way. We all learn in every different angle there is. We don’t even have the exact same dna as to the person sitting next to us. We are all unique and every situations is all unique to everyone of us depending on our own self orientation. No one is ever expert enough to say how you should live your life. We can only offer thousands of different opinions but your opinion is what will matter in the end. We are just a noise in the background if you think of it. Your heart has the loudest thought.


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