This is for you my friend!

I knew I didn’t make all the good choices in life. That I don’t live the perfect life either. That I don’t have things all figured out. That I still do make mistakes from day to day. 

I might have the best perspective, the best orientation and probably the best advise to offer but deep inside me I question all of that. Someone said “I hope I am as strong as you are” but looking back, does the things that happen in the past really made me stronger and wiser today or just bitter? Of course I am thankful of how I get to view my life now but to my opinion I’d rather be in your difficult situation right now and see for myself how I should really get things done. 

Considering all the advise I have to offer, I honestly haven’t experienced any of those problems you have so I think you are more braver than I am just in a different view. Obviously, we don’t live the same life, we don’t have the same struggle and we are not in the same relationship so I might have been stronger in this area of singleness but not into a relationship kind of thing. I even push it out the first time I knew I will get into trouble. So what I am saying is, don’t believe everything I believe in because you’ll just end up like me not trusting every single men around. 

On the other side, you have to start building something for yourself. You have to start owning everything that you have. You have to be independent in all aspects of life. You have to learn to be honest with yourself. You have to learn to not seek the approval of others specifically of men just to know your value as a human being. This way you can be more wiser than I am today. You can even see yourself more than you see it today. You will end up more happier than yesterday even happier than me. Plus you have a bigger heart than me so you will have more love to offer by then. Embrace all the challenges you have and never ever put a limit to yourself and to what you can do but never seek revenge and dont keep the hate. You have to live freely and in your owns terms to be genuinely happy without any regrets along side.
Love lots,

Besh 😘


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