Half DIY – Half Tour Calaguas Island Tips

I would like to write something relevant for you all. I am thinking of narrating my last scary beach camp but I thought you might not want something scary. I might discourage some of you to stay outdoor so I’d rather not. Lets keep it buried deep underground and just hope and pray for our Almighty guidance and safe keeping. Also thinking of sharing my thoughts of the last book I read but my reviews could bore you.

So, I’ve decided to give you some tips I’ve come across during my last Calaguas Island trip.

1st- I’ve been wondering why I could not search for a detailed itineraries going to calaguas island (I mean itineraries with costs breakdown) but tour packages are available everywhere. So, that makes sense. Most of my friends who have been there before purchase a tour package. Meaning if I will really proceed DIY everything must be very expensive from commute by land and by sea. It is really economical to purchase a tour package and come in groups. You can contact ate Mayzel for a tour package of 2500 to a 2D1N getaway (0936 971 4711). The best cook and super bait.

2nd- It is advisable to leave manila area during night time before the day you should be at the island since it will only take you 8hours to get to Brgy. Paracale port area via van. Make sure you get an excellent van condition and a driver familiar to the drop off location. While leaving manila during day time will took you a lot longger hours to get there. You can try taking bus transport going to Daet and stop in Talobatib area before you could actually reach Deat bus terminal. At Talobatib, you can ride another bus that will take you to Brgy.Paracale and ride a tricycle going to port area.

3rd- In port area, you can change your clothes to prepare for the boat ride and eat breakfast to a nearby carinderia if you haven’t eaten yet. Make sure you bring big plastic bags in case you carry a lot of belongings in order to prevent things getting wet while carrying them to the boat or in transit going to the island.

4th- Regular boat ride will take you 2 to 2.5 hours but big boats can go for an hour sail. 1 boat is usually rented by tour organizers including island hoping perks while if you go solo you might pay half the price they offer for tour organizers which make it expensive on your part. 1 boat can go up to 20 passengers in one sailing.

5th- Their are communities near the shore area. Sari-sari store and souvenir shops are also in place but no canteen for ready to eat foods just in case you think of buying a meal. No worries for tour packages because it comes with a meal and entrance fees to each island including environmental fees and cottage payment. You can pitch a tent anywhere for free if you don’t like to rent a cottage. You can also rent tent if you did not bring one but mind you it is expensive might as well bring your own to avoid such expense. Cottages only costs about Php500 per area. Sari-sari store is not quiet expensive though. During weekends where their are more GUEST(thats how they call all bakasyunista) goin to the beach some locals sell ihaw-ihaw which you can grab for dinner. Oh!by the way locals selling ice candies are everywhere to hear, don’t get anoyed it’s their just making a living.

6th- You can take full wasting of time or rather full relaxation when you are in the island because breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in your cottages. All you have to do is chat, swim, eat(whenever foods was served) and of course nap for as long as you liked.

7th- If you happen to leave the island around morning then you might want to go to Talobatib in order to catch earlier bus transaport going to manila. From Paracale port area ride a tricycle to take you to the bus terminal of Paracle where you can catch a bus going to Daet but make sure to drop you off in Talobatib area. Talobatib is a corner area before turning left going to daet.

8th- While if you leave the island after lunch then you can catch the direct bus transport ride going to manila. Those buses are waiting in paracale terminal for a 5 or 6pm departure plus you have to have advanced booking in order to catch that trip. Superlines going to manila costs Php480 while DLTB costs only Php422 from Talobatib area. It will take you 10 to 11 hours going to manila via bus transport.

P.S. You might grab a meal while waiting since it’s a long drive. 

This island has so far the best sand and clear sea water I’ve seen so far. To all people traveling, please always be mindful of your trash and make sure even if no one else sees you to “leave no trace” but leave everything that belongs to the island coz I see people get a bucket of sand to bring home. Please….please let us all be a responsible traveler. Good values are hard to instill for grown ups but we can continuously try! One day we will find ourselves eventually having good one. Let us take care of the environment we luxurious lived offered to be explored throughout the generations to come. Let us not be selfish by ruining it thus, preventing our childrens children to see a beautiful island view.


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