Journey Towards your Dream

To everyone who feels they should give up on their dreams. Just dont! The world is a very vast opportunity of learning and growing. Some of the things we dream about might not be ours for now but when we know deeply into our hearts that we’ll eventually get there. We can! Just make the move, so that someday it will happen.

During 2014, I am caculating the amount of compensation I receive in a month, I wonder until when I should be working?Honestly, it leaves me hopeless knowing that my dream compensation means 10more years of working if I consistently get promotions. That thought completely drains me. Anyhow, depite my frustrations, I continue to work as smart and hard as possible in order for my brother to finish college(a self inflicted obligation I owe to my parents). By the time I am nearly done with my self inflicted obligation, I decided to move out of my comfortable cubicle to gain more knowledge about logistic process. I decided to move to a smaller company, very far from the international company I’ve worked from. Work became much harder than what I’ve expected plus I get lesser pay but because I would like to do what I do then in times of difficulty I tell myself that every struggle is basically part of learning. I can definitely stay in my previous company and be completely safe and comfortable but I might not grow even further. Or rather work here and get my ass back on top again. When I eventually know my work around, I began suggesting a lot of process improvement. I learn a lot from the hassle and bustle of logictics documentation process. And because I always love to learn, I’ve accepted my transfer to finance department. For once, I’ve been an accountant by work. Even so, be as finance head later. And as of this moment, I am very glad to say that I am finally exploring the world of IT. I would never imagine achieving a 10years long compensation just for the range of 3years. While I am still paying for my own property, my next project would be my dream business. To that, let us all work for something greater someday. We will all get burnout along the way when we don’t head on for something greater. Waking up everyday with nothing to look forward too means death. Right now! I am feeling truly fulfilled. Already gain my 10years long compensation and I am happy and excited right now to start that journey. Never under estimate all small hardships we get throughout the day, it is bound for something greater.

We all should not limit ourselves. We have to be as flexible as possible. We have to have a lot of knowledge everyday. Never allow a days pass without gaining another bunch of information. Constantly be aware of the thing you do every minute of everyday. It will definitely define where you should be heading.


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