I’ve been looking for this purpose all my life. And now, I think I’ve found it. I came into a realization that the very purpose of me being alive is not just to live life fully but to always be excited about every stuff that I do. That I should always keep being excited. I should always restore the energy of excitement. That I cannot leave without it. I think I’am alive but technically dead when I don’t feel excitement anymore. The world just revolves around me with just me staring at it. I find no purpose. I find no meaning when I don’t feel excited anymore.

Starting today I will always look for the things that excites me the most of course considering all the pros and cons and how I’ve been molded enough by my parents. Exploring all things exciting makes me learn a lot. Makes me more knowledgeable enough. Makes me an expert to whatever I put my heart in. I feel so much fueled up with my burning desire to succeed by keeping the passion within. No one can ever break my spirit when I put my heart of excitement to anything. I can surpass any kind of challenges when I am excited. I can climb a mountain. I can go through a lot of heavy loads. I can be whatever I want. A politician, economist, columnist, lawyer, EI, IT, and accountant. I feel so proud seing the steps I started and to where I would like to go now. Someone said, I always love fixing stuff. Maybe I’m passionate about it too. How I help few individuals from all their messed up life.

It is always overwhelming to share what I know and have to those people feelin so low in life. I can feel when they are light up by my words for them. Those things we give to people for free comes back too much to us in a most unexpected way. I am always greatful for every life I touch a long the way. Things might not end up well to some but I am sure I’ve imparted an important lesson for them too. Oh!by success I do not mean lots of material possessions I mean full contentment of where I am and to what I do. It is one thing rare to find in this whole crazy world. It is very hard to find the state of contentment with regards to a very fast moving environment we are in today. But I guess its a bliss being in the state of contentment to where you are and what you do. That is my goal in this long life journey of constant change. I hope to find that bliss soon. In the future when I will stumble again to this thing, I hope I’d be fueled up and reminded of the journey I would like to head on.


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