Roadtrip in North

Don’t just sit and watch the world around. GO! out there and see it for yourself. But only those who dare succeeds.


Traveling looks like an easy path to take. Looks like the most entertaining thing to do. But once you are face to face of what seems to be easy and fun the very truth will hit you hard.

Some people enjoys the idea of traveling because of the scenery around. Places they never new exist for real. Places they ofen watch on TV and in social media feeds. Eveyone thinks they can do the same because in there mind it is just a simple out of town trip- “I am here to enjoy and take good photos to share the feeling” This is only possible when you take your nanny with you all through out your vacation or if you are rich enough to have servants everywhere you go(but I think people with a lot of money will never spend much for travel also). If thats the case then, I’m more than willing to be a nanny.

Yes, we do travel to have fun but having fun does not mean everything is served in good platter for you. It means taking care of yourself the moment you land in your destination.You don’t just walk,sit and take photos because you have your tummies demand. You have to secure a sure spot to stay. You have to prepare all things needed just to feel better even if not comfy home enough. You clean all used up things, do the laundry if you still have time. So traveling requires a lot of stamina, patience, willingness to survive and sensitivity if you go in a group. Remember that everyone would like to get there to enjoy too. Everyone deserves to enjoy and have fun. The best thing to do is make it more bearable and fun for everyone.

Below is our route from Sebay San Juan, La Union to Bolo, Pangasinan to San felipe, Zambales.

If you have questions regarding expenses and accommodations feel free to comment.

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