I mean how do you throw away all your self inflicted obligations and just go for the unknown? But somehow I have this kind of hunger to see for myself the unknown even if it means having nothing at all. How ironic because despite all the things going on in my mind I still found myself dreaming on the edge of the cliff thinking a lot of things. Do I do this? Do I not? Worst I’ll walk back to my previous step before I even think of diving in. And I am sad for being completely chained into my obligations and into my conscience. I hope I can still remember the days I am very determined learning how to walk. I would like to scan my mind during that time for me to know how to not give up and proceed even further even if I have fallen a million times. To know my greatest motivation of trying as hard as it may look and become an expert oneday.
For the record, there is no perfect formula on how we will exactly define survival. People who have no food to eat but still waking up each day alive, survives. At the same time people who may seem happy but has a lot of baggage inside, still survives. Whatever may happened throughout the day..good or bad we all still end up surviving arren’t we? Big time or small time struggle doesn’t define survival. Positive attitude does. So why do I worry too much of diving to the unknown? Maybe because I am not accustomed surpricing myself.

As conclusion, maybe try doing things as recklessly as possible and find out how. But as matured individuals, we have to fully accept all consequences along the way or in the destination itself. Remember that by doing things as recklessly as possible intales that you have no exact idea at all of how things will turn out. Anyhow be more prepared and just do it. Learning comes by doing. Do not be afraid when you don’t get to hold what will happen next. Enjoy all the unknown so you’ll always be surprised.

Haha..I’ve finally learned how to put an image before the article.:)


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