The Happiest lane

The world today seems more challenging that what it was before, 20 years ago. The days where I can still watch the clouds form its own stories☁ Where I can still imagine a vast whole new world by just looking into a small portion of water left after the rain 💦 I can see a huge and deeper big grounds beneath because the image of the sky reflects inside that water spill 🌏 How wonderfull it is to put a pretty little wild flower as an earings🌼 The size of that flower seems to fit perfectly as earlings plus the small portion of stem left with few resin makes it glued to perfection where you feel so much prettier 👧 I also own some buried clean huge stones that I feel very territorial of. Nobody can step or stay in that spot for long because I own it 🚫 My name may not be written on it but everyone can see me comfortably dreaming there. So every kid understands it is mine. I also used to make a ring with flower top design out of a “walis tingting” wood and a rubber band 💍 (not this one-way much cooler than this). Catch some lost fire flies just to look how enchated your hands can be while caging them.Hilariously smoke a dried banana leaves out of curiosity but did cause so much coaching. Because of that, I’ve never ever tried smoke the real cigarettes knowing it has the same effect with what I did to dried banana leaves. Play with baby mangoes that did not survive from the growing tree resulted to a hospitalization to the point where I can’t breathe because it get stocked in my nostrils. Yeah!!the smallest mangoes which will fit into my nostrils.

Those where the craziest days of my childhood that mold me into someone like this now. Gives you the right conclusion huh!!Residuals of that memory can now be associated with how beautiful the moon can be in some weird days in the city. Challenging days always put me grounded mainly because I can still vividly remember how greatful and Happy I was. I will never get tired visiting or even re-writing that memory lane again because the real genuine joy and hope was right then and there. 

Do not soul search further, try visiting the happiest thought you can never forget. You might find some long buried treasure of dreams out of it. We have to carry the spirit of our youngest self not just to survive but to fully live and embrace life a sweet goodnight.


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