To be the biggest fan of me.


That we have to always thank our Creator for giving us the freedom to expand his own creation thus, we all have to remind ourselves of how grateful He is to the future great individuals we all are and should be.
Everything in this world is limitless like it is so amazing how further our mind can think when we don’t limit our capacity to go beyond what we thought possible. Just like how a child dream of a wonderland.

So as part of self reminder, let me 1st remind myself to Carry a childs heart. It is always so fulfilling to preserve our childhood hearts which makes our surroundings the happiest. Less worries, full of hope and enthusiasm and always willing to learn in anyway possible. Become what you think you can. It is our own personal choice to be the best version of ourselves or the worst once. Depends, nothing wrong nothings right anyway. Our choices might not be the best for everyone’s sake but it is we who sets the rules anyhow. Never be little anything you have gone so far because each of us has its own unique dna’s inside which resonates the same to our own personal journeys. Celebrate small victories. Every inch of survival is a leap of faith, not everyone can do the same or embody the same patience you can. Give as relentless as possible. It is always better than being on the other side. Constantly evaluate your actions towards yourself, to other people and to every decisions you make. You have to have the full awareness of every single thing you do. This way, you can make rational decisions and full acceptance of any circumstances. Most of all Pray! Nothing in this world can offer what prayer can do.

Once again. Thank you for taking the time. 😘

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