Today I write my first blog hoping to inspire and make that only shot towards small things that can shake the world.


What people needs to know? Oh I’ll tell you! they can find everything through internet. But why do I really have to write? I can name a thousand reason why but at the back of my mind what difference does it make?

We might find everything we are searching for in the internet but only those tangible things, pictures, videos and words. If we are searching for feelings and emotions, your search bars don’t know anything about that. Human dynamics, our human minds and hearts can never be replaced by any technological innovations we further make in the future.

Through writing, we can all restore humanity to a much better communication tool that is going outside your laptop to make physical interactions towards another human being. If you think its scares you to do so, the more you should do it. If you think that the world we live in scares you enough to do the things like a real human being does, then maybe try going out in space. I do not claim these things as an expert but you can choose to do and believe or not. What is most important to me is the decision of not losing our greatest value just because we manage to have a lot of technologies within our means. We don’t stop to be human beings. We don’t kill the best communicative way. We don’t ignore our burning desire to speak out loud with enough grace and passion of knowing the world. We don’t stop dancing, singing, stomping our foot forward to be better individuals. We can change the world just by developing the best in us. What difference does it make? Difference we can’t even make measurement of. Start it now! Start it today. You’ll find so much difference somewhere later.

All the best is yet to come. Thank you all for giving me few minutes of your life. 🙂

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