Baler, Aurora 2017

This place is pretty far and dangerously beautiful. Our destination is! Dinadiawan or how locals pronounce it as Dina-dyawan.   At dahil malayo nga at unang beses ko pa lang makakapnta dito kaya kailangan kong planuhing maigi ang lahat. Nagbayad na ako ng reservation fee a month bago pa yung mismong check in date kasi […]


Sometimes I feel sorry for cheering people up!It’s as if they really need cheering up. For saying they should look on the brighter side of everything. That they should always look on the positive side of everything. To always look on the good and silver linings. That it will all be ok someday. While actually […]


I’ve been looking for this purpose all my life. And now, I think I’ve found it. I came into a realization that the very purpose of me being alive is not just to live life fully but to always be excited about every stuff that I do. That I should always keep being excited. I […]